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Tiago Verdade

Student of the Integrated Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering @ FEUP.

Active Member of Informatics Student Group of FEUP's Student Association.

About Me

I'm a Portuguese student, currently in the second year of the Integrated Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidade do Porto.

I'm always very interested in learning new stuff related to all kinds of technologies. However, Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security have piqued my interest the most.

In a part of my free time, I strive to solve some Competitive Programming problems, which help me develop logical reasoning and improve my understanding of complex data structures. I also enjoy solving Cyber Security CTFs which makes me learn a lot about technologies and good practices that I am not regularly so much in touch.


Integrated Masters in Informatics and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto


Date Period

Set 2017 - Present

Graduation Date

Jun 2022 (Expected)

Science and Technology
Colégio Nossa Senhora da Assunção

Anadia, Aveiro

Date Period

Set 2006 - Jun 2017

Graduation Date

Jun 2017


Active Member

FEUP, Porto

Date Period

Nov 2017 - Present

NIAEFEUP is the Informatics Student group at FEUP and is constituted only by students of the Informatics and Computing Engineering course.
Its main objective is to gain experience and essential skills for the world of work. To achieve this goal, I have had to learn to work as a team and keep myself updated on some of the more recent technologies.

Semana de Informática 2018
Member of the Program Department

FEUP, Porto

Date Period

May 2018 - Oct 2018

Semana de Informática (Informatic's Week) is an event focusing on the areas and aspects that a student does not learn or contact during their time in university, specifically in Computer Science.
Being in the Program's department, I had to contact speakers for the given talks and help in the overall event's organization. Also, since I like Competitive Programming problems, I helped create a programming contest that occurred during the week.



Taskible is an Android To-Do list app which as the objective of managing the user's tasks through the day.
This app was developed to native Android using Java and the Android Studio IDE. A lot of essential Android development topics, as well as design guidelines, were addressed to create this app.
By working on this app, I further improved my Android development skills, which makes me confident that I could work with any Android app.

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SandZ was my two-person final project for the Laboratory of Computer's class. It is a survival game where you have to defend yourself from the incoming zombies' attacks.
To develop this game, we had available very low-level peripheral modules such as keyboard and mouse interrupt handlers, which we had previously created during class. All code was implemented in C and x86 Assembly.

SandZ project image


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